Texas has a big problem with stealing & yet people still do it. If you get caught stealing in Texas, you can face up to paying a fine between $100 to $300,000 (depending on what it is). But what exactly is the most stolen item in Texas? Well, it's something that we love to use to make us fashionable.

Texas's most stolen item is jewelry.

Scattering of white star diamonds on black background table jeweler concept

Yes.. it's not money or electronics or even cars (which we have a BIG problem with that too)... it turns out that jewelry is what people love to take from others the most in Texas. According to SafeHome, precious metals like gold, silver, diamonds, and other various forms of jewelry are among the most stolen items in Texas.

And various news stories from across the state seem to confirm this:

  • In 2017, Omar Rimlawi was arrested by Dallas police after he stole an engagement ring, wedding rings, and a sapphire and diamond ring from a bridesmaid at the Ritz-Carlton hotel.
  • In 2023, a Mesquite, Texas mall was broken into when suspects drilled a hole into the American Jewelers from the adjacent Sears, which was vacant. The suspects got away with over $2 million worth of jewelry.

That's not the only story to come out of 2023; a Boozer's Jewelry store in Waco was the target of a heist. John Rainwater was charged with his involvement in the heist on June 17, 2023. Over $1.7 of merchandise was stolen. Even as recent as February 11, 2024, a man stole $33,000 worth of necklaces from a Zales on Sunday. And there are many...MANY more instances in Texas. Perhaps that study was truly onto something...

So make sure you lock up your jewelry at home; keep it as safe and away from prying eyes as possible. And store owners, definitely have cameras in your buildings so you can capture anyone who can't keep their grubby hands from getting a five-finger discount...

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