Wal Mart shoppers in El Paso and across Texas can scan and bag their own groceries if they wish but do they have to flash a receipt to leave?

Wal Mart wants us to do our own shopping, checking out and bagging but don't seem to really trust us to do it right.

While some New Mexico Wal Marts' gave up on self checkouts, Texas stores show no signs of giving up. They also check up on us but do we have to play along with them?

I was at an El Paso Wal Mart once and watched a man refuse to show the receipt for a TV he was carrying out. Both the employee, (and the EPPD officer), with him let him go.

When I asked why, I was told the weren't allowed to demand the receipt. Weird, I thought but corporate thinking and the legal system both (often) confuse me.

It seems, in this case, the customer was right about not having to show a receipt and the employee was also right about not being allowed to make him do so.

So, Do I Have To Show A Receipt To Leave Wal Mart?

KHOU says there is NO penal code allowing stores to demand receipts. You'd be perfectly within your rights to just (politely) decline to show yours and keep walking.

That could get tricky though as a thing called "Shopkeeper’s Privilege" allows them to hold you if they suspect you of stealing.

What counts as being "suspicious" isn't clearly defined so, you might want to just show the receipt and get on with your day.

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As far as Sam's, which is owned by Wal Mart, and Costco are concerned, you DO have to show your receipt when asked. Why?

Because they are "clubs" that you joined and you gave them permission to stop you when you signed the membership agreement that you really didn't read.

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