Texas I hope you're ready for the weather this week! ERCOT has already sent out a "conservation alert" asking Texans to conserve energy this week as winter weather blasts through Texas.

We're hoping we don't see a repeat of the 2021 freeze, but with mother nature you never know! People across the Lone Star state are preparing themselves for the weather, this apparently also includes raiding HEB's for every last possible item.

Senator Ted Cruz decided to jump in and give his own advice to Texans as temperatures drop- and, well, it wasn't that well received. Check out what he said down below:

That's right, amid warnings of severe weather, Cruz took this moment to poke fun at his Cancun scandal. Which would be funny if, you know, people hadn't died.

Texas Struggles With Unprecedented Cold And Power Outages
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If you'll remember, back in 2021, Cruz found himself in the doghouse when he was spotted at the airport boarding a plane bound for Cancun in the middle of the Texas freeze. At the time, he claimed he was being "a good dad" by taking his daughters to Cancun- he returned shortly after he received heavy criticism. Not to mention, he left poor Snowflake behind!

Fast forward to today, where people are preparing, and hoping, that ERCOT doesn't fail them this time. Obviously, Cruz's X wasn't well received.

It wasn’t funny then and it’s not funny now. You literally ran away to Cancun as your constituents died. I’m sure their families don’t think it’s a punchline. No wonder no one likes you.

That's just one of the remarks the senator received on X. Someone really needs to check Cruz's tweets before he continues to embarrass himself and Texas.

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