Everyone knows that here in the state of Texas we are pretty fortunate with all the delicious food options that we have. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t miss some of the restaurants that we enjoyed growing up that are no longer here. It’s fun to think about those restaurants that have closed their doors and the good times and yummy food that we enjoyed there. But there are more restaurants that are closing locations all the time that we are going to miss. 

It was Faqtoids that released a long list of restaurant chains that are on the brink of disappearing and I thought the article was so interesting because there were so many chains that I remember visiting that I haven’t visited in 10+ years. It’s not because I don’t like their food, but there are fewer locations to visit plus when I am looking to eat convenience is huge. I will admit I don’t want to drive all over town I would prefer going somewhere that is just down the road. 

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Restaurants Are Still Hurting 

We all know that many restaurants got hit pretty bad when the pandemic was going on, but the high food costs and fewer employees continue to be a struggle for both local and chain restaurants. Which is why you need to support your favorite restaurants as much as possible, and make sure you tip your servers if you receive great service. 

Are All of These Restaurant Chains Closing? 

In a short answer, no, but these restaurants are struggling so even if they have locations around us know that their parent company is working hard to keep the doors open. Let’s look at the list of chain restaurants that are on the struggling to keep all of their locations open.  

18 Chain Restaurants That Are Slowly Disappearing

We all grew up loving these restaurants, but they are slowing disappearing right in front of our eyes.

A List of 15 Big Retail Chains That Will Close Stores in '23

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Investing.com put out a list of major retailers that are cutting many of their traditional stores loose and taking on a smaller footprint.

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