So hear me out, you gather your friends for a night out on the town. You find this new hotspot to do some dancing, maybe some karaoke or live music. You walk in and see a bunch of people with drinks in hand having a good time. The thing is, the drinks don't have alcohol in them. Everyone is sober and having a great time. Does this sound like a great idea for Tyler, Texas?

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No Alcohol Bar

I know, right, it sounds really weird. I got this question from a story I read at Amber Haines opened a bar called Unimpaired in Iowa City, Iowa. It has everything you would find in most bars, games, food, even karaoke. The big difference is that the cocktails do not contain alcohol. She got this idea because she is a recovering alcoholic, going on four years sober. Applause is certainly in order for this accomplishment.

I still like to dance, and sing karaoke, believe it or not. Sober karaoke. So, I just thought, why couldn't there be a place like this?

However, Amber still loved to go out and socialize. "I still like to dance, and sing karaoke, believe it or not. Sober karaoke. So, I just thought, why couldn't there be a place like this?" she told KCCI.

Under 21 College Students

Iowa City is also home to the University of Iowa. Amber thought that this non alcoholic bar would also be perfect for the students that are under 21. With schools like Tyler Junior College, U.T. Tyler, Texas College, LeTourneau University, Kilgore College and the many, many others in East Texas, this could be a fun and safe environment for those that are not 21 years old yet.

This has actually been a growing trend over the past several years. Austin is home to Sans Bar that offers live music in an outdoor setting with non alcoholic IPAs and mockaritas. Getaway is another non alcoholic bar in New York along with Ocean Beach Cafe in San Francisco and Awake in Denver. The common theme with a couple of these bars are the owners are recovering alcoholics or alcohol recovery counsellors.

Could this work in East Texas?

That really is the big question. East Texans love to go out, love to sing karaoke, love to dance and love to enjoy live music. Many in East Texas have also had to drop alcohol from their lives which can make it hard for them to socialize with their friends who do enjoy an adult beverage. I believe an establishment like this can be successful in East Texas.

Free Idea for an East Texas Entrepreneur

I'll even throw this idea out for someone to take if they wish, just put my name on the wall or something for coming up with it, an 80's or 90's themed arcade full of classic to new arcade games, pool tables, air hockey, foosball, skee-ball, etc. Add a full kitchen with pizza, hamburgers, nachos and more. I think this could be a winning business. Parents could enjoy a mocktail with their kids next to them without the guilt and have a great time together.

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