Only Alaska beats Texas in size but, when it comes to length, we trade places with another state.

Of all the 50 states that make up the United States of America, the biggest 3 ... in order ... are Alaska, Texas and California.

When it comes to distance traveled from northern border to southern border though, things change.

The distance, north to south from one edge of Texas to the other is 801 miles.

Well under the 1,420 miles you will travel across Alaska from north to south.

While 801 miles is impressive, California has us beat on this one.

In total area, Texas is number two and California comes in at number three. For length north to south though, Cali is longer with a total of 1,040 miles, beating us by 239 miles.

Just about the distance from El Paso to Fort Stockton to put it in perspective.

That flip flops the two states, putting Texas in 3rd and moving California to 2nd. As far as east to west, we're back in second place with Texas' 773 mile width easily beating California's 560.

So there.

Alaska remains on top, literally and figuratively, with an east  to west width of 2,400. Alaska is just showing off now.

No offense California but you can keep your little north to west record.

Pete Alexopoulos
Pete Alexopoulos

We Texans will happily keep our 2nd biggest overall standing as well as the fact that we're the stickiest state in the nation. (Thanks in part to all the Californians moving here).

We also have some big 'ol bridges and could easily accommodate several countries.

We're even proud of our weirdness.

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