In Texas, there are many successful businesses and businesspeople who have done well for themselves. And obviously, with more money you’re going to be able to buy nice things such as homes and cars although most of us know that having those materialistic things doesn’t necessarily make you a happier person. On the flip side, it is nice to be able to afford living in a safe area that has lower crime rates. But where are the richest cities in Texas? 

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The good people at Road Snacks recently came out with a list of the richest places in Texas. And I was curious as to how they came up with this list because you don’t know anyone else’s financial information. But they had some specific criteria when coming up with the list of the richest cities in Texas. The factors that made up the list include poverty rate, median household income, unemployment rate, and they looked at high home values in places over 3,000 people.  

Things to Remember About Living in a “Rich” Area in Texas 

For the most part, people in Texas don’t really care too much about how big your house is, they care more about how you treat people. While it might be nice to come home to a gigantic house that doesn’t always mean that less crime is taking place in that area as well. 

Do You Live in One of the Richest Areas in Texas? 

I’m sure you’re curious as to where the richest places are in Texas so let’s look at the list and see if you know anyone who lives in one of these Texas cities.  

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