No, I'm not referring to any heat related stickiness ... this is something way different.

The insanely hot summer Texas is currently enduring has led to Texans being "sticky", especially in the really humid regions, but that's not what this "sticky" means.

This has to do with who lives here and who leaves here.

Texans love it here and, basically, won't leave. We are considered a "sticky" state because residents are reluctant to go anywhere else.

According to Dee Cohn of the Pew Research Center, "sticky" states ...

"are places with strong traditional cultures or distinctive kinds of features that make people want to stay." Topping the list is Texas, where 76 percent of people born in the state still live. Other sticky states include North Carolina, Georgia, California and Wisconsin. -

A state can be both and Texas is one of those thanks to the fact that so many peeps want to move here while natives don't want to leave.

See a list of most and least sticky vs. most and least magnetic here.

Why Is Everyone Moving To Texas?

Things like low taxes, no state tax, great, (though freakin' hot), weather, cheap housing, jobs, etc; encourage both lone star loyalty and a steady influx of folks wanting those things.

Once they're here, those newcomers don't want to leave either.

Who would when Texas has so much to offer?

Amusement parks, mountains, woods, deserts, mountains, prairies, big cities, small towns, great food, friendly people ... the list goes on and on.

What Is There To Do In Texas?

I get it, always have.

That's why I've never lived anywhere else and don't plan too.

I love to travel but home is ... stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp ... deep in the heart of Texas.

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