Look, we all love Chick-Fil-A, so much so that every day at either lunch or dinner, the drive-thru is packed. Sometimes this can be frustrating but all we know is that at the end of our long wait, one of their team members will be SUPER nice and hit us with "My Pleasure" as we leave.

Unfortunately for a suspect who was running from Jacksonville Police recently, one "Hangry" customer in line made it his "pleasure" to help police in apprehending said suspect.

According to a video and post by Jacksonville Police on Facebook, a suspect in a stolen vehicle tried to make a run for it after police spotted him and attempted to arrest him. The suspect ran through the Chick-Fil-A parking lot when a customer made the coolest, most smooth thing he could do to help the police catch the perp: He simply opened his vehicle door.

As you can see, the quick door flip caused the suspect to come crashing to his feet and enabled officers to apprehend the suspect. The customer then hopped out of his truck and gave the officer a hand in bringing the suspect to justice as backup arrived.

While we wouldn't recommend intervening in these type of situations, I'm sure the Jacksonville PD is glad this guy helped out. I hope yall hook my guy up with some gift cards or something. Great job by all!

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