The fictional character Jade St. John is someone we all know, and know well thanks to her time on television. Christina Aguilera is known to all of us because of her childhood on the Disney Channel, an amazing vocal career, and of course as her time on NBC's hit singing show 'The Voice.'

There is no other way to say it -- X'Tina can sing her butt off, and here is a reminder of just that. It doesn't matter what the genre is -- she has the chops to do it, and do it right!

This is a song created for TV's "Nashvill,e" which airs on Wednesday nights on ABC. Christina plays pop singer Jade St. John, who has had a sucessful career but is now branching out into country.

She is also making a guest appearance on the show. Here is a little sneak peak into the song she did for "Nashville." Crank it up!