I’ve had John David Kent (JDK) on the show a couple times and this dude can sing. Growing up in Texas and influenced by the likes of John Denver and Willie Nelson, JDK feels like he is finally writing what comes natural to him. And enjoying his brand of music seems to come just as natural to country music lovers — the video for their debut single ‘My Girl’ was chosen as CMT’s Pick Of The Week towards the end of 2010.  And it was a pleasure to have him back on Radio Texas Live last week.

John and I may or may not have planned something for the first time he and Granger Smith meet -- word to the wise Granger, stay vigilante.

Next we talked about John's buddy Jeff Allen and played his new song "A Little Less Lonely" check out his great new song in it's entirety, right here.

Then John sang a new song for us called "Until We Turn Around" press play to hear it.

And finally we spun his latest single titled "Back To The Country" which is currently right around 15 on both Texas charts -- and on the rise.

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