6 year old Cooper Davis, from Manvel, Texas, started 2018 in the not so best way possible.

Cooper broke his leg while playing on his trampoline just hours into the new year.

Once at the hospital, x-rays showed he had a tibial plateau fracture. This is the same injury that sidelined Houston Texans JJ Watt for the 2017 season.

Cooper is a huge JJ Watt fan. When he learned he had the same injury, he asked for his Watt jersey.

When Cooper put it on, he told his mom, "Look, mom, I'm JJ."

Cooper's mom took a picture and tweeted it to Watt. The good man that JJ Watt is, he replied,

How can you not love this man?

The two are expected to connect and play soccer together in the future. Not real soccer, more like Fifa.

Houston had "a season that could have been". First JJ goes down, then their excellent rookie QB Deshaun Watson went down with a torn ACL. They are recovering and rehabbing together.

The Texans look to have a bright future.

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