We, as East Texans know Kacey Musgraves.  We know she is more than that girl singing with Josh Abbott on his hugely popular “Oh, Tonight”.  Her talent has been on showcase for us for years at shows, festivals and causes here in ET.  The last time I talked with Kacey was over two years ago right before she left to Nashville.

So, here we are two plus years later and not only is Kacey pursuing her dreams, Kacey’s catching ‘em. She was prominently featured in Josh Abbott‘s award winning album “She’s Like Texas” she is a respected song writer, writing songs that have been cut by Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride and she  has her own album in the works.  The native East Texan stopped by Radio Texas Live last week and we caught up on everything that's been going on and played some brand spanking new music too.

The very first thing we talked about was a song called "Mama's Broken Heart" which Kacey wrote and will be on Miranda Lambert's new album "Four The Record" out November 1, 2011 --an amazing song that Miranda has said will likely be her next single.

But Miranda is not the only Country superstar singing Kacey's songs, Martina McBride seems to have realized how good the songs are penned by Musgraves are as well.

Next it was the radio debut of "Merry Go Round" a new song from Kacey and she graciously shared the story behind the song... Also she looked up the name of Martina's new album too, which she had trouble remembering in the last segment a problem for which I was of course no help.

Josh Abbott's album "She's Like Texas" was a career changer for the Lubbock native, it's been insanely popular in Texas and led to him selling out nearly every venue and festival he's been a part of.  Kacey who sang the duet "Oh Tonight" with him and backup up on several more tracks told us how it's been for her being a part of such a project.

Finally we closed with another Kacey original it's called "Everbody's Got a Story" it's a prime example of what she does so well in her songwriting: scathing and sweet, brutally honest yet forgiving but most of all so very relate-able, check it out!

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