The 2017 Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival is a month-old memory for Texans and Tylerites, but those memories (and those flecks of meat in your beard) will continue to linger until the next Red Dirt BBQ, which is already set for Cinco de Mayo (May 5) of 2018.

Now obviously festival headliner Cody Johnson put on an awesome show following an already awesome set with Wade Bowen, Cody Canada and The Departed, Shane Smith & the Saints, Flatland Cavalry, Charlie Stout - but before he did that, he had some fun with us and Buddy Logan.

Cody invited us into his tour bus where we played a game. Buddy and Cody would trade bad jokes until someone cracked up first. It took about a minute... and both of them wound up losing their composure - it was hilarious. The Facebook video has 10,000 views at the time of this writing.

One of the favorites reads like this:

What is Forrest Gump's password? OneForrestOne.

Don't  forget to stick around for an outtake. There were lots of them and we're rifling through them now. Thank you Cody Johnson and Buddy Logan for being incredibly genuine and fun on camera.

And if you want to get hyped for next year's Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival, check out the highlights from this year below.

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