For Kameron Marlowe, "Giving You Up" is more than just his current radio single — it's also the song that solidified his country music career, and a snapshot of a pivotal breakup in his own life.

"That song has changed my life from the beginning," Marlowe told Taste of Country earlier in 2022. "From when I wrote this song and it gave me peace from a girl that I was planning on getting married to, to absolutely changing life in the sense of being my first record. I've gotten so many reactions from fans, messages from fans, saying, 'This song helped me through such a tough time.'"

Marlowe wrote the song to process his heartbreak, but when he released it independently, "Giving You Up" immediately began to gain traction. Fans resonated with the song's mid-tempo, rough-around-the-edges delivery and its themes of putting down a relationship that — like a bad habit — just keeps calling you back. Sonically, it's a simple, straightforward country-rock song, but Marlowe's personal connection and backstory lend extra heart to "Giving You Up," and its backstory makes the single even more gripping to fans.

The singer's grandparents funded the recording process of "Giving You Up," Marlowe explains, and its music video also ties into his personal story, following the singer as he exchanges an engagement ring for a guitar and hits the road for Nashville.

By the time he completed his stint on Season 15 of The Voice, established himself as a performer in Music City and released his August 2022 debut album, We Were Cowboys, Marlowe had been living with "Giving You Up" for several years. Still, he chose to release it to radio as his official debut single, in part as a way to complete the personal story that has helped propel his career thus far.

"It felt like this song wasn't done yet, if that makes sense. It feels like the song is still doing its thing, so I wanted to get it out there and let it be my first single. Because it already changed my life so much," Marlowe notes.

Kameron Marlowe, "Giving You Up" Lyrics:

Don't you dare try and reappear / After you already got me standing here / I can't believe you would come at me / Looking for a little bit of sympathy / Like I wasn't the one you left all alone crying / Looking like a hot mess / Don't show your face 'round here anymore, honey / This is something you better get through your head...


'Cause I'm giving you up / Just like I did them Marlboro Lights / And I'm giving you up / The same way I did the whiskey on ice / And it's all so tough / You turned me into a man I don't even recognize / I'm giving you up / The same way you did me out in the moonlight

What the hell are you thinkin' coming 'round to visit / Completely uninvited, messing with my brain again / You couldn't give me the satisfaction of forgetting your existence / Showed up when I finally thought I'd found the end / Don't be coming over looking for a conversation / Dropping little hints that you want me back again / 'Cause I'm so sick and tired of the little lies you tell me / So here is all I'm saying, baby, better listen in...

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, I'm giving you, giving you, giving you up

I'm letting go of all the things that held their grips on me / With you being my first priority / 'Cause death isn't worth the weight of your love no more / Yeah, I'm packing up, leaving, closing shop / There ain't no use for you in this heart no more / So I'm letting go

Repeat Chorus

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