When I was growing up going out to eat was something that didn’t happen often, we had a big family, so it was more cost effective to stay at home. But it was always fun going out to eat, especially when it was our birthday because most of the time we got to choose where we would go. Often those were kid friendly restaurants or fun centers, which just made me wonder about the top places that kids love in the state of Texas. 

When I’m talking about places that kids love I don’t mean the ones that offer free meals after 4pm, while those establishments can be fantastic for families on a budget, I’m thinking more about the ones with an arcade. Maybe ones that allow kids to go a little crazy because there is so much excitement with games and fun music playing.  

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Just Like Adults, Each Kid Is Going to Want Something Different 

Some kids are going to want to play games, but others might want to watch a show being put on around them. As most parents know, kids can be picky when it comes to food and fun, so before picking one to treat the kids you might want to look into each of the options below and pick one that you think they will enjoy most. 

There Are Places That Kids LOVE All Over the State of Texas 

While some of the options are spread out across Texas there are fun restaurants that kids love normally not too far away. Let’s start looking at the different options in Texas that kids will love to visit. 

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