People who steal are weird because instead of working for what you want, you feel like TAKING it is the way to go. Even in the face of a TON of security technology that will help lead to you getting caught, folks still choose to take penitenary chances to get stuff that really wasn't worth the crime and effort in the first place.

Let's go to Kilgore, as police there are looking for 2 people who felt the need to run out of a local liquor store with things that don't belong to them and one of them can be seen stuffing something in her bra.

After spending some time casing the joint, the couple can be seen at the front register looking as if they are preparing to pay for the stuff they picked up. But the dude in the red shirt establishes early on that they will not be paying for their items as he immediately grabs a bag and starts making a way towards the door.

Meanwhile the lady in the video can be seen stuffing something in her bra before making a dash for the door with her accomplice and running to jump into a 2009 Hyundai Sante Fe with apparent damage to the front passenger side, near the headlamp assembly.

Kilgore police say they have identified the male suspect in the video and are now asking for help in identifying the female suspect.

If you have any information regarding their identity, please contact Detective Joshua Sims at 903-218-6907 or and stop stealing!

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