One of the best country artists from the '90's is arguably, Doug Stone. When Doug Stone first impacted radio back in 1990 with his debut single, “Better Off in a Pine Box,” listeners were introduced to one of the most distinctive traditional voices ever to hit country airwaves! I was one of those jocks who knew this guy had something special.KNUE brought Doug Stone to East Texas to perform at the Oil Palace and we set up a huge Meet and Greet for our listeners at Hastings in Tyler. This was back when the fans and radio folks could get up close and personal with the artists. These days they pass you through like cattle and sadly you don't really get to have anytime with the stars.

Oh well, this was a BIG Meet and Greet! The line to meet Doug went on for what seemed miles and miles. Okay, that's somewhat an exaggeration, but you get the picture.

We had planned for an hour event, but we soon realized that it needed to be a lot longer in order to get everyone a chance to meet Doug Stone. What do ya know, he was glad to stay  as long as there was a fan wanting to meet him. Great guy!

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I've chosen my all - time favorite song from Doug Stone to highlight, "I'd Be Better In A Pine Box!" Now this is a country song, enjoy.