As the Brand Manager of 101.5 KNUE, I don't believe I have ever been more proud of the station and our morning show, with Big D and Bubba. If you are a faithful listener of the morning show, then you know each Friday, Big D and Bubba have a prayer for all the student athletes playing their football games tonight and Saturdays. The guys have received some "flak" about the Friday prayer from time to time, but this morning they received a call from a woman who was very agitated and negative concerning the weekly prayer, and she let the guys know she was extremely offended.

Big D and Bubba did not have to take her call, but they did because they believe that is her right, just like they have the right to Friday prayer. These two men are family men, husbands, devoted to our military and just all around good folks! They realize they might step on some toes every now and then, but they stand up for they believe is right -- that's why they are so loved by so many.

The way the guys handled the call and the woman was what made me the most proud. KNUE is so fortunate to have this team as our morning show and I believe that there is none better.

I wanted to share one of many emails I received from listeners this morning, and the sentiment was all the same. I will not reveal who this email was from, but I would like to thank them.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to Big D and Bubba....and on Friday, September 20, 2013, a woman called in and was extremely negative regarding their weekly Friday prayer for all of the high school athletes, etc...I was so very PROUD of them for how they handled her! My 13 year old daughter was in the car with me and begged me to call in and tell them how GREAT that was when they stood up for continuing to pray! And it was phenomenal!!! I had goose bumps and still get them when I tell my coworkers about it! They are all in agreement...and just wish they could have heard it! So the lady threatened to call their boss...and while I don't know who their "boss" actually is... I just want someone to be aware that for her ONE negative comment, there are thousands of positive!!! Kudos to you guys and just know there are tons of people out there who truly appreciate everything you say and do!!! And I am proud to be one of those people!! You guys rock!!!

Single Mother of 4 who GREATLY appreciates the prayers!!! :o)

Thank you, East Texas, for supporting Big D and Bubba, and know that we appreciate each and everyone of you!

Amy Austin -- KNUE Brand Manager