Its no secret that some of the best college football and NFL players come from the state of Texas. That playing starts in high school which we all know is super popular in any town. Just look around East Texas, some of the nicest and best looking property in a town is likely to be it's football stadium. Big time colleges know that they can recruit some excellent players from the small towns of Texas. That's why arguable the greatest college football coach ever was in Lindale, Texas on Tuesday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

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College Recruiting

Both big and small colleges are now in recruiting mode. They are sending members of their coaching staff all across the country to talk to players in hopes of bringing their talents to their school. For the elite schools, their coaches can almost have rock star status and its big news when they visit a town, especially a small town. That was the case for Lindale on Tuesday (January 17) as Alabama head coach Nick Saban was visiting the school.

Nick Saban in Lindale

You can see in the picture above that Saban, along with wide receivers coach Holmon Wiggins, was meeting Lindale head coach Chris Cochran. It hasn't been said if Saban met with any player during his visit but that also means that he didn't meet with one of two. Its already known that Alabama has made an offer to Lindale offensive lineman Casey Poe.

Lindale's Casey Poe

Casey Poe was in Alabama in November of last year ( where he received his offer. He is a four star recruit who also has offers from Oklahoma and Auburn. That's awesome news for the 6-foot-5 Lindale Eagle.

Alabama has always been a school my family and I have followed, so this was a really big one. It is a very solid program and a largely respected coaching staff. The culture is very strong, and the pillars that it is grounded in are amazing examples of how a program should be run. - Casey Poe talking to Touchdown Alabama

Definitely some exciting news coming out of my hometown of Lindale. It'll be cool to possibly hear a college football announcer talking about an Alabama player from Lindale on a future Saturday.

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