Last weekend's tragedy at Astroworld in Houston continues to leave many in shock. We learned last week of the latest death from those that got trampled because of the crowd surge. On Sunday (November 14), we learned of the tenth death from the incident, a 9-year-old from Tyler who had been in an induced coma since being trampled by concert goers.

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Treston Blount wanted to take his son, 9-year-old Ezra, to see Travis Scott in concert. His son was a huge fan of the rapper. His son probably loved having Travis Scott in Fortnite and tried his McDonald's meal, too. As Treston told ABC 13, "He was so stoked. He was ready to go."

He was so stoked. He was ready to go.

When they got to the show, Ezra stayed on top of dad's shoulders. Treston made sure that he and his son stayed toward the back of the crowd just to be safe from the huge crowd that was there. Despite staying at a safe distance, the surge from the crowd caused Treston to fall to ground and lose consciousness. This resulted into losing grip of Ezra who tragically landed under foot of the crowd.

Once Treston came to, he couldn't find Ezra. He searched on site and at several hospitals to no avail. Treston filed a police report which resulted in an officer reaching out to Treston with the whereabouts of his son.

Sadly, Ezra passed away Sunday night, November 14. Ezra's death marks the tenth of this concert tragedy. The ninth fatality came last Wednesday, November 10, when 22-year-old Texas A&M student Bharti Shahani passed away.

A gofundme has been setup to assist the Blount family. If you would like to help, head to Ezra's dad also posted a short YouTube video highlighting the bond they had making TikTok videos and enjoying their time together.

Keep the Blount family in your prayers as they continue to mourn the loss of their son.

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