Let's face it: burning something is a risky proposition. There's a lot you need to prepare for when burning any item. One wrong move and...things could get very risky, very quickly.

So when burning any item, it's best to maybe rather throw it away so it taken care of properly. But there's another caveat to that statement. What about if you need to burn trash itself?

Yes, some individuals burn trash in the state of Texas. But the real question is, can Texans actually do this legally and not get in any sort of trouble? The answer requires a little bit of explanation.

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Burning Trash In Texas, Legally Of Course

So according to the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality, there are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled for someone to be able to burn their trash. To be able to burn domestic waste, as it is called the Commission, local government in the area doesn't collect trash or have a business that does so.

Now, if you've gained the ability to burn waste, the waste itself must have been made on the property in question. There are of course certain items that cannot be burned, which are listed in the previously linked pamphlet. In addition, the burning of the items cannot disrupt traffic, or be an inconvenience to others.

So make sure that if you're going to burn trash in Texas, you're following the rules, and not causing issues for others. Also...try to not make it smell bad...

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