Last Week's Winter Storm Caused Chaos Across The State But One VERY Chaotic Scene In Austin Is Being Talked About The Most This Week.

While this year's "winter storm" wasn't as terrible as years past, the same issues continued to pop up: Icy roads, falling trees and power outages. Despite the fact that these "winter storms" keep coming ever year, Texas, in its stubbornness, refuses to "prepare" properly for these events, but that's another conversation for another day that yall don't want to have.

A Power Outage At An H-E-B Lead To A Wild Scene

Last Thursday (Feb. 2nd) Travis County Constable Pct.4 George Morales III posted images of hundreds of people who rushed the dumpsters of an HEB store located at East William Cannon and I-35 in Austin taking food out of the trash that had been thrown out due to a power outage.

Videos From The Scene Show People Filling Shopping Carts.

Morales says that people were "fighting" to get access to the dumpsters after someone posted a photo of the trashed food with the words "Free Food" to social media. But Morales and H-E-B are warning folks not to eat the dumpster food even if it looks okay.

Officials Say That Over 200 People Showed Up And Took The Food.

According to CBS Austin, H-E-B issued a statement explaining what happened:

Due to a sustained power outage, the store was unable to keep certain perishable foods at proper temperatures. To adhere to strict food quality and safety standards, we are required to dispose of certain perishable foods when they are not properly temperature controlled, which also prevents us from donating the items to food pantries and food banks. H-E-B is a large donor to Texas food banks and donates more than 34 million pounds of food each year to support Texans in need.

Just know that if you have family in Austin that invite you to dinner, you may want to pass for now.

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