I was a huge fan of Lego as a kid. I bought set after after set after set and built my own contraptions all the time. I even had a X-Wing fighter that was about three feet long, had over 3,300 pieces and took me a week to put together. That beast was awesome. It even had the gears to expand and collapse the wings. I kept it on it's stand for everyone to see.

Lego has partnered with other companies, too, to give us sets from Minecraft, Marvel, Batman, The Simpsons and so many more. This new partnership, however, takes everything to a new level.

Lego has partnered with Nintendo to give us Super Mario Bros. interactive build sets. That's right, buy the individual sets, put them together and jump on Goombas, on top of hills and over fire pits to reach the flagpole at the end to complete the course.

The whole time, your progress is displayed on the Mario character through a LCD display. Basically, Amiibos on steroids.

This is so cool and fun and my wallet will be crying when I head down the Lego aisle at the store.

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