Do you slow down long enough to consider what you tell yourself all day long? No, really. Think about it. 

How many times a day do you say, "I'm tired. I'm frustrated. I'm not motivated?"

Your self talk is what will make or break your success. Your brain is programmed by what you put into it consistently, and if you're constantly thinking or saying, "I am..." followed by something negative. That's exactly what you are.

Is it possible to change? Yes, and it's not easy... unless you tell yourself that is. Decide that it's easy to change your self talk and start today. 'I am ...' statements are powerful. Why not use them in a positive way to change your life.

Choose to be happy. Smile, and you will feel happier. Even when you're sad or frustrated, make yourself smile. That physical change in your body, will help change the state of your emotions.

Choose to get up a little bit earlier in the morning, and take time to think through what you're grateful for, and write your 'I am...' statements. Just 10 minutes in the morning could change your whole day, which could change your week, your month, your year... and your whole life.

Think about it.

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