We have seen lots of law enforcement agencies finding unique ways of engaging people in their communities. Most often they are trying to let people know that there is an issue such as a citation that needs to be paid before a warrant is issued for their arrest. Just this week we saw the Lindale, Texas Police Department do something similar as they are trying to decrease the amount of warrants that are currently active.

The honesty from the Lindale Police Department is tremendous and hopefully helps people that want to stay out of trouble with the law. What the department has decided to do is use their social media platforms to publish all the names of people with the last name starting with the letter 'A'. There were 58 names published but two of those names were printed twice, probably because they have multiple charges they are facing.

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Why is Lindale PD Publishing Names of People With Warrants That Last Name Starts With 'A'?

Throughout the whole month of June the local police department will be publishing the names of all people with outstanding warrants. They started with the letter A but they will soon be publishing other names. So, if you have an active warrant out of Lindale, Texas make sure you act now before the local police blast you online.

What Should You Do If You Think You Have a Warrant Out of Lindale, Texas?

It's time to take action and get this warrant taken care of and that begins by calling the Lindale Municipal Court at 903-882-6150 or you can follow the link here to pay any outstanding fees that you owe.

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