Now I'm not going to blast a restaurant for making a mistake, albeit a pretty gross one! But a Facebook post from Longview resident Gina Propes went locally viral over the weekend after she shared her ordeal at a Longview Wingstop last week, and it prompted me to share.

In her post, Gina said she found feathers on her chicken wing after ordering from Wingstop on Gilmer and Loop 281. She posted that she called to let them know about the feathers so she wanted a refund. The manager said he could make the order again instead, but in all fairness I probably wouldn't have an appetite either after picking up that wing pictured above.

The biggest problem I see is that she said they didn't apologize or try and make it right. Instead when she returned, the manager's alleged response was:

Oh yeah those are feathers...

Hopefully the local establishment reached out to this dissatisfied customer. In my opinion, they can still make it right - they just have to try.

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