Whenever we can put the national spotlight on East Texas, it's always a good thing. Which is why we got so excited when we found out about the A&E television show Shipping Wars was going to highlight the Longview business American RV Restoration. Good news, it won't take long for us to see that episode as it's airing tonight Tuesday, January 25th, 2022.

If you're not familiar with Shipping Wars it has been around for many seasons now pitting truck drivers and logistic specialists against each other to bid on jobs and deliver the project/materials on time with no damage. In this specific case the show cast members will bid on the job out of Longview and have to transport these items to the buyer in Louisiana. While the show might not be an action packed cliff hanger, it's fun to see inside a profession that most of us know nothing about.

When Will the Shipping Wars Show Begin

According to Ethan the owner of American RV Restoration the new episode will begin tonight at 9:30 pm. Obviously, the show will be played as a rerun after it's original show date, but everyone is going to be talking about it tomorrow so don't miss out on it's first airing on national television.

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Expect to See More of Longview on Television Soon

Beyond this one show, the Discovery Channel is expected to visit next month, and the Travel Channel will be out in June to highlight more about American RV Restoration and some of the other projects that owner Ethan Langley is working on.

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