The one thing that Longview, Texas has lots of is restaurants serving delicious food. Whether you’re craving burgers, pizza, or barbecue there is always a good restaurant, and normally not too far away. But the newest rumor on social media is regarding a restaurant that I have never visited before. There are multiple people on social media commenting that Frenchy’s Chicken is getting ready to open a new location in Longview.

Having never visited the restaurant before I had to find out what Frenchy’s is all about. Their website quickly let me know that they are famous for serving New Orleans-inspired Creole comfort food. Most commonly known for their fried chicken but also their amazing sides such as dirty rice, collard greens, and red beans.

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Where is the Frenchy's Chicken Rumored To Open in Longview?

There were multiple people that mentioned the new Frenchy's location is where Catfish King used to be (2338 S Mobberly Ave). Unfortunately, there were no dates thrown out as to when the new restaurant might be opening their doors. But I did confirm with the city of Longview that the restaurant has submitted all applications needed to open, those applications have not been approved just yet.

No Negative Comments About Frenchy's Opening in Longview, TX

Let's be honest there always seems to be someone who has something negative to say about a new restaurant opening, but I haven't found any negative comments about Frenchy's opening a location in Longview yet. Some people commenting that it's the best fried chicken ever, which is a bold statement. I guess only time will tell if we are getting a Frenchy's location as there is nothing on their website yet, but we always welcome more delicious food options here in East Texas.

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