As many people in East Texas do their best to navigate higher prices for practically everything right now, one Diana, Texas restaurant owner has announced they will be keeping prices at a reasonable level.

There's an adorable little spot sitting at 2205 Highway 259 in Diana, TX called Pop's Last Stand. I confess I've not had the pleasure of visiting this place, but I promise ya this: I will be in the near future.

Pop's Last Stand looks exactly like the spot you wanna stop when you just want a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger, seasoned fries, and a yummy Blue Bell milkshake. That, and the fact that it is locally owned, is reason enough to stop by. But recently, Pop's Last Stand has been getting even more attention because of the compassionate post they shared recently on their Facebook page.

Here's what the owner of Pop's Last Stand in Diana, TX had to say to the restaurant's existing and potential new customers:

"Record inflation and we still serve the best value in East Texas.
We are not increasing our prices.
I am confident the economy will recover and prices will come back down. Until then I will just absorb the additional costs to help you the customers be able to eat at a reasonable price.
Bring the family tell your friends
Our prices will stay low for as long as I keep the doors open.
The freshest product at the best value.
Photos courtesy of Pop's Last Stand
Photos courtesy of Pop's Last Stand

One of the things I love the most about living in East Texas, y'all?

I love how so many East Texans look out for one another. Even when the world at large feels a little crazy--perhaps especially then--good-hearted people do what they can to uplift and care for each other in myriad ways.

If you need any more nudging to give this place a visit and maybe your business, take a look at a few of their delicious-looking options:

LOCAL LOVE: East Texas Restaurant Vows to Keep Prices Low for Customers

I confess I've not had the pleasure of visiting yet, but I promise ya this: I will be soon. Especially after this compassionate message to customers. Here's a look at some of what they offer.

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