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The most wonderful time of the year for some people comes 4-8 weeks after school typically begins.

This year is already so different that I am afraid what this fall/haunt season will look and feel like.

A sure sign that things are already different was watching kids attend open house for the new school year online. I can remember telling my parents how unnecessary it was for us to attend open house by my 8th grade year simply because I didn’t enjoy the crowded hallways in which I would be traveling every day for 180 days of school with a bunch of adults.

Football season is already looking entirely different and I’m still reeling from the shock of not being able to enjoy NBA basketball championship playoffs.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed so much in our lives already and I hope that the effects won’t reach too much further into traditions that will be forced to change due to the need to adjust social behavior to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus.

It is my hope that, like many contagious disease experts forecasted, a vaccine will be available for mass distribution before the turn of the new year.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult not to be skeptical after the trend in how our local and federal leaders handled the response to the virus to being with.

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