"Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!" We know that jingle. The chocolate candy with the crispy wafers that breaks off into four individual bars. Kit Kats are tasty and a great snack.

Well now, Kit Kat will be available to the masses as an ice cream to cool us off this summer. A Kit Kat ice cream cone? Dude! I'm all in.

So what's inside the Kit Kat ice cream? Well, it's primarily a chocolate ice cream with a "wafer swirl" and Kit Kat pieces mixed in.

This is not the first time we've scene Kit Kat in a frozen form. There is a Kit Kat Drumstick ice cream snack available, too.

So, next time you're walking down the ice cream isle, take a moment to search for some chocolaty goodness in the form of Kit Kat ice cream this summer. The kids won't be the only ones to love it.

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