If you look up arachnophobe online, you'll find my picture beside it. I. Hate. Spiders. They're creepy, ugly and the devil on Earth. (Getting shivers just thinking about them.) However, a spider has popped up on Youtube and he is more than welcome in my home or on my shoulder.

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His name is Lucas the Spider. Let me tell you, if you're having a bad day or just stuck in a rut, watch just one video from Lucas the Spider and happiness will return very quickly. I don't say things are cute very often but Lucas the Spider is super cute and makes me happy, despite my hatred for real spiders.

He was created by Joshua Slice, who is an animator for Disney's Pixar. You defiantly see the Pixar style in the videos. He got his nephew to do the voice for Lucas.

When you read the comments after the videos, you see a lot of people who have said that watching Lucas has alleviated their fear of spiders. Lucas is cute and all, but I wouldn't take it that far.

There is even a whole line of merchandise that has been created for the Lucas the Spider fans out there. I haven't purchased anything yet, but I will soon. Get a shirt or a plushee or a cell phone case here.

I think that before every Pixar movie, there should be a Lucas the Spider short film. Just my opinion.

Now that you've fallen in love with some eight legged cuteness, follow Lucas on Youtube.

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