Funny man Luke Bryan let it slip that he thought the Super Bowl commercials were over-hyped. Get the whole story at Taste of Country.

True. Luke Bryan’s ‘Spring Break 3 … It’s a Shore Thing’ EP hits stores on March 1.

Bryan let it slip that he thinks the big hype surrounding the high-dollar Super Bowl commercials is a bit much. “I don’t look forward to the commercials as much as I used to because I think they’re so hyped now — they’re never really any good any more for some reason,” he told ‘America’s Country Station.’

Luke, I love ya but I have to disagree honey. I look forward to watching the commercials during the Super Bowl and I think the majority of people watching do too. Now I do agree that a few of this year's commercials were not quite as good as other years, but still they are fun to watch. Just keep singing and looking pretty  Luke! We still love you!

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