Luke Bryan has been making the rounds promoting his latest album, Born Here Live Here Die Here. That included a recent video chat with BuzzFeed to read some of his fans' thirstiest tweets.

When we say thirsty, however, we don't mean these listeners are deficient in moisture. The messages the singer peruses — most remarking on his good looks — show a fanbase thirsty with desire. Many don't leave much to the imagination, to boot. Watch the video above as Bryan comments on each.

"I'm going to be reading thirst tweets," the musician explains at the top of the clip. "They might be nasty."

And, boy, is he right. So nasty, in fact, that the singer jokingly urges some of the commenters to get right with God. The tweets include suggestive fare such as, "Luke Bryan's thighs need their own fan page."

Another one remarks, "Luke Bryan can pelvic thrust my face all day."

To the former, Bryan quips, "I've been cycling a lot. The thighs are quite toned. However, the beer belly is not." (The "One Margarita" crooner recently completed a century ride on his trusty Trek bicycle.) To the latter assertion, the singer opines, "Some of my fans need to maybe go to church."

There are more — among some of the other thirst tweets for Bryan: "Ain't a pair of jeans that disagree with his ass," "I would saddle up and ride his bull," and "Luke Bryan smirks like that and my underwear disappears."

If those have you blushing, you're not alone. While the musician stays in good humor, he defended his dignity with a notional wink and a nod.

"I do have a soul and a heart," Bryan says. "I'm not just a piece of meat! BuzzFeed is scandalous!"

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