When the going gets rough, hometown heroes shine through. They don't forget where they came from and they certainly don't leave their communities stranded in a bind.

Whitehouse hometown hero, Patrick Mahomes, definitely remembers his people. His foundation, the Mahomes Foundation, recently donated around thirty thousand meals to the East Texas Food Bank., as KLTV reports.

I was getting really worried there for a while. Last week, I checked the East Texas Food Bank website and they had a banner message stating that they were CLOSED because of the winter storm. I wondered how people were going to access any food, especially since thousands of families had no power and no water. (I'm not talking about you lucky blokes who used your truck's generator to keep your food fresh in the fridge!)

KLTV goes on to mention that the Mahomes Foundation is hosting two food bank events to evenly split the 30,000 meals they are handing out for free to any resident of East Texas.

The first event is in Tyler, TX, on Saturday, February 27th at the Green Acres Baptist Church (1607 Troup Hwy). Free meals will be handed out from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The second event will be held in March on Friday, March 5th, also in Tyler at Lindsey Park (12557 TX-364 Spur W) from 10 a.m. to noon.

There is no word on whether Patrick Mahomes will be present at either of these events, but that's probably not likely to happen since he and his fiance, Brittany, just had a baby (shout outs to the baby girl, Sterling Skye). Brittany has already said y'all ain't getting no pictures of the new baby anytime soon, so don't even ask! LOL.

You can check out more about the food bank meal giveaways as well as check out the latest Foundation news at 15AndTheMahomies.org.

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