I've heard of a man losing his life to a shark, but a shark saving a man's life? That's what a man claims after he was lost at sea in the Pacific Ocean for 15 weeks. Teitoi talked about his horrendous story to the Daily Mail yesterday. The man claims that he and his brother-in-law  went out on a fishing trip on May 27 when the boat ran out of fuel and his brother-in-law died of dehydration. He says he buried his brother-in-law at sea after he died and that left him alone to survive. Because of rain storm, he was able to have drinking water. The men had stocked up on food, so that wasn't a problem.

OK, here comes the part about the shark. Teitoi says a shark woke him up out of a restless sleep, just in time to notice a nearby boat. Teitoi heard a scratching on the side of the boat and noticed a  shark around six-feet long, circling around the boat. When he looked up, another fishing boat was nearby in the distance. Teitoi believes the shark was guiding him to the fishing boat.

Normally when you think about sharks, you think "danger, danger" right? But in Teitoi's case, the shark unknowingly saved him.

OK, the story wasn't as exciting as if the shark  would have actually taken the man on his back to the beach, but we're glad the man is safe and alive!

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