Look, we get it. Sometimes, you just don't want to go to work. Even here at the radio station, we have days like that. But we suck it up, put on our best face and show up to perform at the best level we can for that day. Before that, though, you probably need to get some frustration out before heading in. Some will just scream in their car, others will take a moment of Zen or for this man in Copperas Cove, Texas, he decides he needs to shoot out a window at the H-E-B Plus he works at before heading in for his shift.

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Here are the Details of the Incident

Copperas Cove Police Department were called to the H-E-B Plus on Highway 190 Tuesday, October 18 around 5:30 p.m. for a report of a gunshot. When officers arrived, they found a window had been shot out along with a bullet fragment. No one was injured and the store was not evacuated.

Copperas Cove H-E-B Plus Where Incident Happened - Google Maps
Copperas Cove H-E-B Plus Where Incident Happened - Google Maps

Police Investigation

Police were able to review surveillance footage from the store where they saw a 2013 Volkswagen sedan in the area where police believe the shot was fired. Video also showed a suspect exiting the H-E-B and getting into that Volkswagen. The suspect drove around to the rear of the store. The suspect was seen getting out of the vehicle holding a towel and went to the rear of vehicle and opened the trunk. Police believe the suspect was hiding the gun he just used to shoot at the window. The suspect then entered the building and clocked in for his shift.

Suspect Arrested

Police were able to obtain an arrest warrant for 27-year-old Clay Mitchell McCumber. He was arrested and given a $75,000 bond. As police got deeper into their investigation, they believe that McCumber may have been involved with a similar incident at that same H-E-B Plus on October 8.

Clay Mitchell McCumber - Copperas Cove Police Department
Clay Mitchell McCumber - Copperas Cove Police Department

Other Ways to Vent

I'm not saying we haven't had the same thought as Mr. McCumber but we all have the smarts to know that shooting at our place of employment is not the right way to get out our frustration. Needless to say, we can assume that Mr. McCumber will not have to worry about the stress of working at H-E-B Plus anymore after this.

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