"If Tesla's was (sic) the only cars on the road, it (sic) wouldn't be any accidents". Those are Albert Siplen's words on Facebook after he shared a video of a Tesla he was riding in - with NO driver!

So yes, I get it. Self-driving cars are a thing. However, in my mind, I reserve these really cool car upgrades for the fancy people of the world - you know, the Bill Gates', the Madonnas, and the Elon Musks of the world.

But um... Elon Musk apparently makes cool Tesla self-driving abilities available to just your ordinary driver. Before we dig any further, check out Siplen's video below he shared with ABC11 via Storyful:

How crazy!

Siplen is riding in the Tesla Model X, which according to the Tesla website, has full self-driving capability in its autopilot. The vehicle can manage both long and short drives, enter on-ramps and exit offramps, manage lane changes, and parallel park.

Not sure about you guys, but I'm not sure I trust it enough. I understand that the car can navigate lanes, and come to stops at traffic lights. But what happens if you need to suddenly stop? Can it react that quickly? Someone let me know in the comments.

To take it a step further, Siplen shared on Facebook the same car picking him up...without a driver.

Seriously? Yes, seriously. Check it out:

If you've got your eyes on the Tesla Model X, it all comes at a price. The Long Range Plus model begins at $79,990. The Performance model with 'Ludicrous Mode' starts at $99,990.

Ouch. I think I'll keep my hands on the wheel for that number.

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