Many of us have been fans of FOX's primetime show, American Idol, for years now! After all, the show is entering its 20th season!

However, East Texans and Tyler, Texas people particularly are extra excited this year. Tyler native, Fritz Hager III makes his debut on American Idol this Sunday night! And on top of that, this morning we all got a little sneak peek into Fritz's American Idol journey as he auditioned for Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Ritchie.

His goal? Well like any American Idol hopeful, Fritz wanted that oh-so-sweet Golden Ticket that means he's going to Hollywood!

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It was around ten years ago when a much younger Fritz watched Phillip Phillips audition on the show, and he found himself inspired by what he saw. In fact, he says he was inspired by Phillips to learn to play the guitar and to pursue music.

Currently, 21-year-old Hager works as a security officer. Well, he monitors security cameras, rather than wear the uniform and work directly in the field. And though he enjoys his work, he knows he doesn't want to spend his career working in a dark room all day. He knows he wants to perform and thus decided to GO FOR IT.

Here's a look at the video posted today where you can see parts of his audition, as well as hear what the judges had to say:

Oh wow, C'MON Luuuke... Ah, well. But all that matters is HE IS GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!!

Way to seize the day, Fritz! Your ETX Family will be cheering you on!

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