So, my picks were in ahead of the Thanksgiving Day Games, but this post was not... eh. Lots to do ahead of Turkey Day. However you can review how I fared then, and look ahead to tomorrow's games.

Thanksgiving Day games, let's start there. There were three, and I chose the home teams. I've got to say for my friend Shawn Knight, a die-hard Bears fan, I'm glad I was wrong on that one. As born and raised East Texan, I'm glad I was loyal to the Cowboys, and what a year Drew Brees is having... I mean wow.

So as far as tomorrow is concerned, here are my choices - keep in mind - I don't have a clue what I'm doing.

Thanksgiving Day

Bears at Lions - Lions
Redskins at Cowboys - Cowboys
Falcons at Saints - Saints


49ers at Buccaneers - Buccaneers
Patriots at Jets - Patriots
Giants at Eagles - Eagles
Raiders at Ravens - Ravens
Jaguars at Bills - Bills
Seahawks at Panthers - Seahawks
Browns at Bengals - Browns
Cardinals at Chargers - Chargers
Dolphins at Colts - Colts
Steelers at Broncos - Steelers
Packers at Vikings - Packers


Titans at Texans - Texans

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