This is a golden example of a medical miracle.

I saw this story a few weeks ago and couldn't believe it.

A Florida man had to come to Texas to get treatment for a rare COVID-19 side effect.

According to KHOU-TV, Anthony Jones of Lake City, Florida spent 3 weeks, 12 hours a day on his stomach as a treatment for his lungs after a few months of intubation from COVID-19.

His health improved over time,  however, he suffered a rare COVID side effect, Microglassia, which is the medical term for an enlarged tongue.

Reportedly, his tongue stretched past his lips and chin!

KHOU Youtube
KHOU Youtube

Jones' wife Gail searched the internet and found a surgeon in Houston who has dealt with patients with Microglossia before.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Dr. James Melville of The UT Health School Of Dentistry treated a patient four years ago for the exact same situation.

Jones and his wife flew to Texas back in October, after they obtained the proper insurance for the procedure.

Dr. Melville told the Chronicle after performing surgery that "few doctors have encountered this rare condition and are reluctant to treat it".

Thankfully, Dr. Melville performed successful surgery on Anthony Jones, who can now talk, taste, and live a normal life.




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