I'm not a runner. I will go for a long walk, however. My usual walking buddy is my black lab Buddy. Oklahoma resident Sara is a runner. Her running buddy is not what you would expect.

Sure, her dog comes along for the exercise. But so does her goat, Penny. That's right. On an Oklahoma backroad a Nigerian Dwarf goat runs alongside her human.

Penny doesn't run every day but will rack up about fifteen miles a week. That's certainly a lot more than I could run. As in about fourteen and half miles more than I could run in a week.

Sara keeps her track fairly close to home so if Penny is done with her jog, she'll turn around and just head home. Sara says she does get questions during her runs sometimes but it's cool.

Goats for yoga, goats as your running partner. Maybe I should bring a goat in to be my co-host. Hmmm....

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