This really happened.

Police in Enid, Oklahoma responded to a call after someone thought they heard a person in distress.

The sound was coming from an isolated area in a field and when police arrived, they heard the sound too.

Immediately, the officers started to head towards the area where the sound was coming from, and you can hear one officer say that it is a person making the noise.

Well, it wasn't a person in distress.

The lead officer can be heard in the video below saying, "It's a goat." That's right, an upset goat was crying out loud, and some nearby thought that it was a person in need of help.

According to the farmer, who owns the goat, the animal was screaming because it was separated from its "friends".

Turn up the volume for this one and you will hear why some mistakenly took the sound coming from the goat as a person in distress.


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