Since the East Texas State Fair has been canceled this year due to the coronavirus, I am sad that I will miss out on my annual tradition of checking out the goats, sheep, cows, other livestock animals. I have visited these adorable creatures ever since my daughter Willow was 3 years old, so that's about SIX years of tradition I have to break.

And now for a story that from Reddit that caught my eye in the "Not The Onion" sub.

A goat got arrested for not wearing a coronavirus face mask. A goat? Yes, I know what I'm talking a-goat. Why would they arrest a goat? Let's find out.

We are going to the town of Kanpur, India, where the Khaleej Times reports: This guy who has not been named had a goat, the goat got out of the yard and was roaming around freely. Local Beconganj police picked up the little goat, whom we'll call "Totes Ma Goats".

Totes Ma Goats was immediately arrested and placed in the back of the police jeep.

The owner begged and pleaded for the police to release his goat from jail. Police told the man they had seen a little boy walking around with the goat and the kid wasn't wearing a face mask. So they told the boy to come here so they could arrest him. The young boy took off running and left the goat in the middle of the street. So they arrested the goat.

The police realized they were being roasted on social media for arresting the goat for not wearing a face mask. They said that was not actually the reason they took the goat to jail. They said the goat was running around so they brought it to the station until the owner could come to pick it up. They told the man next time, if the goat runs away off the man's property, the goat would be arrested again.

Totes Ma Goats was very thankful to his human for springing him out of the slammer, allegedly telling reporters, "HE'S GOAT MY BACK!"

Miss me with that mess!

If you are looking for tips to raise a cute East Texas goat of your own to cuddle up with, read this article here.

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