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The strain on families due to the Coronavirus can not be overstated.  Something as simple as getting groceries has become a hazardous activity, and that's assuming that you still have a job and/or you got your stimulus money from the government so you have the cash to buy said groceries.

Unfortunately, across the country so many families are struggling to make ends meet, that food banks have been straining under the load of so many requests for help.  When you consider that these charities have also seen a simultaneous drop in donations and volunteers due to the crisis - you can quickly see that the situation is getting dire.

Last week, officials with the San Antonio Food Bank organized a massive drive-through food distribution drive that served an astounding 10,000 families.  TPR.com reports that the few volunteers that aren't sheltering in place filled thousands of trunks and truck beds with food for hungry families while minimizing contact by making sure folks stayed in their car.  The problem is, it wasn't enough.  Officials now have an even bigger drive set for this Friday.

Locally, the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana is in dire need of donations so that we can feed families in the Shreveport/Bossier city area.  If you can, give some money, time, cleaning products, or food to help out struggling folks in our neck of the woods.  Click here to find out exactly how to help.


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