Multimillionaire NYC real estate heir Robert Durst, who was acquitted in the murder of a Galveston man in 2001, is accused of urinating on the candy rack and counter at a Houston CVS.

KHOU reported that the 71-year-old Durst turned himself in to police on Wednesday after criminal mischief charges were filed following the alleged event on Sunday. Police say that after picking up a prescription, Durst then exposed himself and urinated on the candy at the store's checkout, as well as the counter, before leaving.

He just peed on the candy. Skittles, I think

Houston police spokeswoman Jodi Silva told The NY Post, "He wasn’t arguing with anybody and he didn’t seem agitated ... He just peed on the candy. Skittles, I think."

Police said Durst was later identified by surveillance footage.

Durst was acquitted in the death of his friend Morris Black in 2001 after pleading self-defense.

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