Last week I was on vacation. Did I plan anything? Not really. Just stayed in town and got some stuff done I've been meaning to do for a while.

I really wish someone had passed this story down to me, because I would have taken my dog and my swim trunks and relaxed in one of these floating cabins. is where you can see some pictures of these cabins suspended on water that can hold between six to eleven people.

This video gives a great look at one of the cabins on Baffin Bay which is Southwest of Padre Island.

These are built for the fishing enthusiasts but if you're not into fishing, you can still enjoy these cabins. They have an air conditioner, a kitchen with propane cook top, charcoal grill and shower.

Each cabin location offers a different variety of sea life to catch.

Here is another video of some people that have used the cabins. This one is in Corpus Christi.

If this has peaked your interest for your summer vacation plans, head over to to read more about these floating cabins and how to book them.

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