Social media has become a toxic base of lies and misinformation. That doesn't mean there's not some good on social media but it is severely overshadowed by the foolishness. We've already seen the evidence of how the toxic side of social media can damage our younger generation. Because of that, one Texas lawmaker wants to introduce legislation to ban those under the age of 18 from having access to any social media platform.

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This could fall into one of those government overreach situations but I'm not going to take that route because we'd be here for more paragraphs than you would want to read. I do ask, if you feel so inclined, to read my thoughts on why social media is the worst invention ever HERE.

Jared Patterson, R-Frisco, sent out this tweet on July 5:

You can kind of see his point but at the same time, you can see the argument for government overreach in this case.

The response to Patterson's tweet was overwhelmingly negative with just a reply here or there in support. However you take this, though, most can agree that social media needs to be heavily monitored by parents. I know some who only let their kids have one platform to communicate on. All of them have full access to that platform so they can know what's going in and out.

That doesn't mean the kids won't find a way to circumvent that but a responsible parent should have some incite into how their child is communicating with other people online.

Currently, I have accounts on five social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. At one time, I was a heavy poster on Facebook but stopped doing that well over a year ago just because of how toxic and ridiculous the platform was getting. I use Twitter as a way to follow to my gaming hobby but even just following those accounts, I'm still bombarded with political nonsense. My use of Instagram followed the same path as Facebook mainly because of a lot of the perversion that's popped up on the platform. Snapchat I had because of one of two acquaintances were on it but I haven't even opened the app in a couple of years. I'm on TikTok quite a bit. It was pretty bad at first but once the algorithm picked up my interests, its become a pleasurable platform to scroll through.

Social media, unfortunately, is a necessary evil to live with. How you use it really determines how much you enjoy or hate it.

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