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Social media was created as a way for people to connect. Social media was created as a way to entertain. Social media was created as a way to share pictures of last night's great tasting dinner. Somewhere along the way, social media turned into this toxic, constant complaining, every-word-that-I'm-typing-is-the-truth-and-you-must-agree-with-it-or-you're-wrong digital space. The latest Twitter outrage over the Dallas Cowboys partnering with Black Rifle Coffee Company is the latest example of why social media is so awful.

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The Dallas Cowboys announced on Tuesday, July 5, that the team had partnered with Black Rifle Coffee Company, a military veteran owned company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They also have a second corporate office and brick and mortar store in San Antonio.

Well, Twitter keyboard warriors began denouncing this announcement. What brought about this social media outrage was many felt this company has too much of a gun theme. As a matter of fact, the article I'm sourcing actually has in their headline that its a "gun-themed company." Again, this is my humble opinion, but this is a military veteran owned company. Which is a big reason their company has the name of Black Rifle Coffee Company. It has nothing to do with going out and unlawfully using a firearm.

Company's Origin and Mission

Black Rifle Coffee Company was created in 2014 by U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer and "are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With every purchase you make, we give back." The company also started the BRCC Fund which "helps Service members and Veterans gain access to direct support, grants, training, resources and care they need."

The Dallas Cowboys have always been a big supporter of the United States military, which is probably a big reason why the team wanted to partner with the coffee company.

But those Twitter keyboard warriors had to make sure that their outrage was heard. Many of the comments on the thread felt that it was just plain insensitive considering recent events in Uvalde and with events at some 4th of July events where someone irresponsibly opened fire, injuring and even killing some people.

Opinions are great, and all of this is simply my humble opinion as well. I don't expect you to agree or disagree with it. But this company, while it very much loves using firearms, DOES NOT promote the unlawful use of a firearm like what happened in Uvalde and at those 4th of July events. The owners of Black Rifle Coffee Company know how to properly handle a firearm, know how to properly store a firearm and, most importantly, know when a firearm should be used and its not during a 4th of July parade or at a school. That's what a criminal does, not these men and woman that own this company.

The Toxicity of Social Media

So sure, social media has become a place to share an opinion. But because of social media, we've become a society that only wants to share an opinion or a complaint because we think a quick statement could change the world or make us look like we're some world guru.

I still scroll Facebook, I still scroll through Twitter, I still scroll through the other social media platforms that I have accounts with. The thing is, if its not entertaining, I just move on. I don't comment anymore. I rarely post anymore. The whole social media world has become a toxic environment that does nothing but spread fear and misinformation.

Take a deep look at yourself as you scroll your social media feed. How much of that influences how you live your life? Do you question someone who states a "fact" that's encased in meme? You should because its most likely false or just a partial truth with added conjecture to meet an agenda.

My Disdain for News and Politics

I've talked about how I don't watch the news anymore. Why? Because its not news anymore. Its a quick fact followed by opinionated nonsense meant to sway you in a certain direction. When news started swinging right or left is when it no longer became journalism.

Politics has become such a toxic environment that I just don't care anymore about your political leanings. Our entire government, Republication and Democrat, are a complete embarrassment to us and to the world. Washington D.C. does not work for the United States people anymore, its become nothing more than for a representative to get on TV behind a podium to say "look what I did."

Unfortunately, I'm in the minority when it comes to having this feeling.

The Bottom Line

The thing is, this partnership will continue despite the social media outrage. As a matter of fact, that outrage will no longer be relevant as early as next week. Why? Because those keyboard warriors will have moved on to their next outrage. Then to the next outrage. Then to the next. They think they're changing the world. But until they actually do something, that outrage just turns to eyeroll.

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